About Me

We Plants Are Happy Plants is the one man musical project of Peter Bergmann.
I’m from Budapest, Hungary and my mission is to create music that makes it possible for joy, happiness and ultimately upliftment to flow through the listener and to (if even for short lived moments) take you (and me) above mind created constructs, so we can really feel alive
and ALLOW what is happening in the present moment.

I’ve released 3 albums so far,
check out my music on iTunes, Deezer and Spotify!

“We Plants Are Happy Plants is making some very cool, very interesting tunes these days.
The music is cinematic, epic, flowing, complex, and best of all, emotional.”
- Binary
“Words aren’t necessary here. Hungarian Peter Bergmann takes us on an insterstellar ride.
We Plants Are Happy Plants is a nu-raveish disco journey through space, time, love and emotion.”
- DeathElectro
“Apollo travels along its path and comes back to its beginnings to wrap up with swells and swirls and before you know it, it’s petering right out, begging for a repeat. It’s fascinating.”
- The Culture Of Me
“Peter Bergmann is creating amazing tracks that bleed the tonality of bedroom electro pop, all heartwrenching build-ups and crescendos that instantly grab you by the back of the neck and marries with it the sort of cheesy play on trance music of the mid-90s without all of the bullshit most of us have come to expect from that lot.”
- The Culture Of Me

check out my Facebook page and the group “Any Day Now” where I gather stuff that influences me.

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